Thursday, March 29, 2012

Press Release from my publishing company

INSPIRING STORY OF 28 YEAR-OLD'S FIGHT AGAINST PARKINSON'S David Chedester empowers those suffering from illness and disease LYNCHBURG, Va. – “Shakin’ Not Stirred (Finding Perseverance Through Parkinson’s)” (published by AuthorHouse) is the inspiring story of 28 year-old author David Chedester, one of the youngest people in the world to battle Parkinson’s disease. Instead of letting Parkinson’s disease be an excuse to destroy his life, he used it as motivation to become a better person.   “I wanted to turn my life around in a more positive direction than where I was at after being diagnosed,” explains Chedester. “I neglected and ran from my disease, even drank heavily every night to try and escape the reality of having Parkinson’s. Writing this book became a therapy for me, and helped change myself and my mind into a more positive and optimistic state.”   Chedester was familiar with the disease at an early age, as his father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease years before. “I watched my father suffer for years from Parkinson’s before I was diagnosed. Watching how rough it was for him to accept it as part of his life was extremely difficult.” “Shakin’ Not Stirred” takes readers through Chedester’s rough life from 2009 until being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2011, from the lows of drinking and depression, and to his inspiring climb taking the chance to live a new life and a new outlook into 2012.   “Shakin’ Not Stirred” is an empowering story that will appeal to anyone who has ever had to battle disease or illness, whether it be themselves or a family member. His candid and touching tale aims to help readers find a way to turn the negative into a positive, and become better people.   All proceeds from “Shakin’ Not Stirred” will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.   About the Author This book details a long path of the life of David Chedester. He is one of the worlds youngest living Americans that currently battles Parkinson's Disease. Chedester's truly inspirational story is one that is a must read for anyone. He currently resides in Lynchburg, Virginia.  

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