Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Exciting Announcement!!!

I wanted to let everyone know that I greatly appreciate all the positive comments I've received since breaking the news about my book officially going for sale! I also wanted to let everyone know 2 little tid bits about the book: the first person to purchase the book was my best friend (Brian Powell) and the first person to finish reading the book was my father (Robert Chedester). I just wanted to thank both of you for buying the book (even though I told you both to wait until my book signing to purchase the book). Both of you have been through this whole process with me and I can't thank you enough. (Although, I think when the both found out their pictures were in the book, thats truly all they cared about LOL).... Also, as of 5:54pm yesterday, Monday - March 26th, the Shakin' Not Stirred Foundation was officially established through the state of Virginia. Yes, it's OFFICIAL! I have now started a Non-Profit Foundation that will be geared around raising money to help find a cure for Parkinson's Disease. Once I start getting more information on my book signing events and speaking events, I will keep everyone updated on how they can donate to the charity.... Stay tuned for another announcement for my first official book signing event...coming soon!! Finally, congratulations to the KENTUCKY WILDCATS for making it to the Final Four! Please don't let this be another year where we are left saying, "Okay, next year is really the year we have to win it all....I mean look who we have coming back....." While I will congratulate Louisville on making it as well (although y'all had the easiest road possible to get there)....your run will end....too bad you had to meet us in the Final Four... Have a great day everybody and I will be announcing my first book signing event in the coming week!


  1. Definitely let me know when the book signing is and how I can get a copy!  Great news man.

    Regarding the Wildcats, can you just imagine the horror if UK loses to little brother.  I mean, UK is a juggernaut.  This may be the most talented team in the last decade of college hoops.  They appear to be unbeatable.  And here comes little brother from down the road, without a single future pro.  I know there's no way UK will lose, but can you imagine if they did?!?  It would be the biggest choke in the history of UK basketball.  The commonwealth may seriously go into a state of deep depression if they lose.  No pressure though...

  2. David Congratulations!!!!!!!    Let me know when you have your book signing in Middlesboro I will be there to get my copy. Love you lots, Aunt Cherry Lynn

  3. Hey David,
    Congrats on getting your book published and I am going to buy it soon!  Mom told me that you, Lindsey & Clint are coming to Luke's wedding!  That's awesome, I can't wait to see you all!  I still can't believe he is getting married!  It's surreal!  Well hope everything is good with you!  Go UK!!!!