Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Letting go is the hardest thing to do

Most of you that are close to me know that I just went through a very tough break up recently. It literally came out of nowhere, after spending everyday for the last 4 months with this person. I realize that's not exactly a long period of time, but when you're living together, then it is easy to get so attached to that person. While it seems that during the past few months, my posts have become inspiring to many, and have really helped keep my mind off of this person, the journey has been tough. Her and I actually met for coffee yesterday, and it was obvious that the same feelings we used to have just aren't there anymore (for her anyways). However, as I sat and listened to her complain about where she works, the people she manages, moving away from Roanoke, trying to start a new life, I finally realized something. This was not the person for me. Nowhere near the person that I should be with. I can't stand negativity or someone that constantly complains about everything, but refuses to make changes in their life. As much as we all wish we could help someone escape their troubles, we can't. Unless that person is willing to change for themselves, and stop all the damn complaining, then they're bound to be stuck in the same position forever.......i.e. (what's the definition of insane)......oh yeah - doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. I realized last night that I have spent the past few months trying my best to hold on....or get back what I once had with this person. But after last night, I wasn't so sure what I was trying to get back. Yes, letting go is the hardest thing to do, especially when you love that person. But, after it's over, and you have some time to think and reflect back to what you used to have, you realiee love and emotions had blinded you. For the first time in my life, I can admit that letting go was the easiest thing to do. As much as I love this person, I finally rezlized that it's just not worth it. I've heard so many stories from people, and read them on facebook, about how depressing their life is because of a recent break up. I know it's hard. Lots of people go through it. I just went through it. But, usually it takes someone else to help you realize that what you lost just wasn't that bad, and it wasn't meant to be. A big thanks to Ronielle for helping me realize this last night. If you're struggling with something like this, it's better to rely on your friends and family to help you. Trust me, I'm embarrassed that I've tried for 2 months to get her back. Now it's time to start a new life. A new beginning. We get so many of these in our short lives. It's up to us to cash in on making the most of these times.

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  1. Hello, I am an old classmate of your cousins my name is Jamie Brimm Warren. I just want to thank you for being a real man! It is very tough for women and men of all ages to go through a break up of any kind. And yes 4 months is a short time frame, but when your with them all the time it seems a lot longer than 4 months! I had been with my ex husband for 16 years and was beat most of those years... Why.. Because that's all I really knew and I was so use to him! Thank God I got out of that and found someone who really loves me.. For me and my kids!
    I just had to comment to you just to say.. You are a child of God and you deserve the very best! Hope you find plenty of love joy peace and happiness! Jamie