Thursday, February 23, 2012


Here is a few paragraphs from the Prologue of my book.

"My morning at this point only gets better, with only one last challenge before my day gets started: locking my apartment door. This challenge weighs heavily on my head all morning as I get ready. My only hope is that none of my neighbors will be in the hallway to watch me try and fit the key perfectly into the key hole to lock the door. Try as I may to not think about the inevitable, I manage to go on about my morning.

Showering and shaving are easy for me now that my medicine has begun to kick in. Getting dressed in a suit and tie, which I wear every day, is easy for me right now as well, and this process goes unscathed without any struggles. I wonder for a split second at what point in my life that shaving, or even getting dressed, will be very hard for me to do on my own. These thoughts come and go. I never dwell on them or let them get me down. I'm living in the moment, every single moment, just enjoying where I am at."

I know this is just a short piece, but the book will be ready to send off to publishing tomorrow, so it's days of being ready for you all to read are getting closer!

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  1. That's right Dave! Who know's what the future has to hold so living in the moment is a wonderful way to live :) You never know, with the advancements in medical technology there may be a break-thru medication or procedure that could dramatically change the effects of Parkinson's (that's my prayer) so it is best not worry about what the future has to hold because no one really knows what their future has to hold... Have a wonderful day my friend!