Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chapter 7: Danielle

This will be one of the last exerpts I share from my book, since the manuscript was sent for publication last night! We're finally getting down to the final steps of the book being published and ready to sell! I hope you all enjoy this one:

"I was going to be down in Dallas again, this time for two weeks, for another training class. Danielle had some vacation days left and was going to come up to Dallas and spend the weekend with me. We were SO excited talking about it over the phone. We spent the last few nights leading up until I flew down to Dallas talking about how crazy we were for each other and how great it was going to feel to finally just get to hold each other. There were a lot of things I had been excited about in my life, but nothing compared to the excitement we both shared about finally seeing each other. Unfortunately, we would never get to have that weekend together. I remember that Wednesday being in class and how I hadn't gotten a text or a phone call from her all day, which was very strange. We were crazy with text messages. I bet we sent each other 500 texts a day. Later on that night she called me to tell me that her best friend had been killed in a car accident. She had been in the emergency room all day and night hoping that her friend would pull through, but she didn't. Danielle was so sad. I had never heard her cry before or sound this upset. She begged me to just grab her as soon as we saw each other that next night and just hold her and never let go. She wanted to be in my arms so bad, and I felt the same. At this point it was past midnight, and I needed to go to sleep because I had to be at training class the next day. And we both knew that the sooner we went to sleep, the sooner we would wake up, the sooner class would be over with, and the sooner we would be together. I had never been so excited to see someone in my life. Before we hung up, we ended the call like we always did. Me - "I love you sweet pea." Danielle - "I love you too baby." I always called Danielle my sweet pea. And I always made fun of her because she couldn't think of a nickname to call me--I got called the usual baby or sweetheart. It didn't matter to me though. She was going to be my sweet pea for the rest of our lives. All we wanted was to be with each other forever. It's so unfortunate that we didn't get that chance. I didn't know it at the time, but that night was the last time I ever got to tell my sweet pea that I loved her."

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