Monday, February 6, 2012

Find what makes you happy

Since I have started blogging, I have heard some amazing stories from other people who've said how much I touched them with my story. I want to say thank you to all those who've shared their stories with me. Everything from those going through a divorce, having Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, losing their jobs, and even losing a loved one. Somehow after sharing personal stories with these people, every conversation has ended the same way: with happiness. Throughout all our tough times, it's finding what makes us happy that will always help us get through life. A blind man told me this afternoon that he has never once opened his eyes only to see nothing. At first I was confused.....but I've never really known what it's like to be blind. So I asked the man to explain what he meant. He replied, "mister, you don't need eyes in order to see blue skies, sunshine, and smiles. All you need is happiness and love". He made me realize that it's up to us to find what makes us happy in order to make it through life everyday. Just being able to share stories like this one is what makes me happy. Imagine how many times people have ignored him because he is "different". He didn't care, because he was happy in his mind and in his heart. So if you're sad, depressed, or upset about anything, just try and find what makes you happy, and do it. It's much easier to be happier. After all, just because someones blind doesn't mean they can't see.


  1. My husband was diagnosed with PD when he was 52. I believe he'd had the disease longer than that, but the diagnosis was the result of changes I saw in him and insisting he see a doctor about them. He was able to work for many years and even became the supervisor in the department where he worked. Not until the dyskenisis became a real problem did he choose to go off on disability. He continued to be the kind, loving husband, dad, and grandpa that was his nature. He hung onto God for each and every day and was an inspiration to those who knew him, for he refused to feel sorry for himself. He told me he would not let the disease dictate his life. He lived to be 74, when one morning, without warning, he dropped dead sitting on the edge of the bed. I learned a lot about courage watching his body change, but he never gave into letting his mind change. I miss him terribly.

  2. Sandy thank you so much for sharing your story about your brave and wonderful husband. I am sure that he was such a great person and so strong, up until his last day on this earth. Even more so, I am sure that it took so much courage from you to be by his side every day. As positive as we all try to be in this world, there are days with this disease that make it tough to smile. It's people like you and your husband that make me realize how beautiful of a world it is that we live in. I can't express to you how sorry I am of your loss, but know that God must have really been struggling up in heaven to take him away. I am sure he is looking down on you everyday, watching over you. You'll be in my thoughts everyday Sandy. Again, thank you so much for sharing.