Saturday, January 14, 2012

Parkinson's Disease has truly changed my life

For the past two years, myself, my friends, and my family have slowly watched my life become out of control.  With the combination of learning about (possibly) having Parkinson's Disease, and a rough battle with alcohol, I was losing control of my life.  There was no way I could continue living unless I made changes to my lifestyle.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make that choice on my own.  What started as a twitch in my right pinky, and slowly progressed into tremoring in both my hands and mouth; a diagnosis was going to be what changed me.  A diagnosis that no one near my age should ever have to deal with.  It may seem strange for some to hear this, but hearing this diagnosis from my neurologist became the positive change that I needed in my life.  27 years old, living alone in Roanoke, Virginia, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease; and almost instantly a huge smile shined on my face, and it will never go away.


  1. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I definitely think you will be an inspiration to others! Especially if you still have that same "never met a stranger" personality that I remember about you. I'll keep you in my prayers, and will continue to read your blog!

    1. Thanks so much Chelsie for following me on here. It's been YEARS since we've been in touch. While most would say this isn't the ideal way for us to get back in touch with each other, I'm glad it did. And yes I still have that same funny personality I always had. I'm just a little older and have a little bit more grey hair now :).....I hope you and your family are doing well!

  2. The more I think about it, I'm not sure whether sorry is the appropriate thing to say about your diagnosis ??? I appreciate you sharing your story and am happy to hear about your positive outlook. Keep smiling :)

  3. Thank you so much Summer! I hope you and your family are doing while I appreciate your prayers, just please remember that there are so many others out there they need prayer more than me. I've always cherished our friendship :)

  4. David, I just today came across your blog and wanted to welcome you to the world of PD bloggers. There are quite a number of us in fact, all with different perspectives and experiences, all attempting to communicate something about this disease that we share that might help others. One might call it a club. I think we can benefit from each other. I have been blogging about PD for the last 2 1/2 years, and still enjoy it. I have received more encouragement from it than I think I could've possibly given by it. No doubt you can say the same thing. I will now follow your blog, as I do many others. If you are interested, you can find out more about mine at Who knows, maybe we will meet someday. Sincerely, Bob. PS. Keep up the good work.

    Welcome to the world with PDWelcome