Saturday, June 16, 2012

Only 1 life to live

I know the subject of this blog is pretty cliche.....and while I find myself reminding others everyday that we "only have 1 life to live", I was reminded last night by a stranger that the same rings true for me.  Last night I had my book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Roanoke, and a person by the name of David R. Friend (I swear that's his real name) came up to my table and started talking to me.  It didn't take me but a few moments to realize that he and I shared something in common:  Parkinson's Disease.  While this wasn't the first thought in my head about this man (especially since he was talking a tad loud lol) it did open my eyes and heart to him, since I know how difficult it is for people to live with PD.  He and I talked for about 15 minutes, except we weren't talking about my book, or PD, or even life.  Instead, he shared with me a few stories about 2 movies that he had recently watched.  The movies, and what they are about are irrelevant, but he told me the purpose of explaining to me what the movies were about is due to the fact that he thinks my story should be pitched to movie directors......

To be nice to the guy, I just kept nodding my head and saying how great it would be to have my story as part of a movie, but I also told him that it really wasn't realistic.  Instead of accepting his advice, I was trying to convince him of all the reasons why it would never happen....."oh it would cost a ton of money to do that........I am just a kid from small town Kentucky.........there's really not much of a story here for a movie......"

Finally I stopped myself realizing that everything I was saying contradicted what I had just written a book about....positivity and perseverance. 

Mr. Friend went on to tell me about the two producers that made the movies, which are now blockbuster hits, and also told me that none of the actors were professional.  Both movies and directors just happened to be a part of the same church.  What started out as a vision, they turned it from a dream to reality.  He was telling me story after story about people he had encountered that had turned their hopes and dreams into something great.  He wouldn't leave until I had all the information to contact these producers, which I have and am debating on doing.

He said, "David, you've come this far already.....a few pages that you were typing months ago is now a published book.  You only have 1 life to live......and you are going against everything you say if you don't atleast try and pursue this."

Who know's what would happen, but it was great to hear someone give me advice that I have shared with others over the past year.

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  1. Great story.  Follow your heart and pursue what feels right. You already know how I feel.....go for it. You have nothing to lose