Saturday, May 19, 2012

Young man fighting Parkinson's to be featured on CBS


Roanoke, VA - It's been over a year since David Chedester began taking medicine for a disease he should've never seen coming, especially because of his age.  But now, he is faced with the reality that his condition will progressively get worse every day, although his medicine allows him to function normally.  Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease before his 28th birthday, David now has become a very important, national statistic for a disease that is extremely rare.  As his story continues to spread throughout the country, he has taken on a new role of being a spokesperson for younger adults that are suffering from any disease.  He has already made several TV appearances which include FOX and ABC news, as well as local TV show "Living in the Heart of Virginia".  Tomorrow, he will be featured on WDBJ Channel 7 news, the CBS affiliate out of Roanoke. 
"I think it's important for people to see that even after receiving news, like being diagnosed with PD, that's it's still okay to face it head on.  I remember watching 50 to 60 youtube videos of Michael J. Fox and Muhammed Ali, hoping to find inspiration from them."

And, that's exactly what happened.

David has since published a book, "Shakin' Not Stirred (finding perseverance through Parkinson's)" in which he shares his story from devastation to perseverance. 

Chedester said this is just the beginning for what he hopes continues to be a long road to travel, but with a cure for Parkinson's disease waiting at the finish line.

Speaking of, David has been granted the opportunity to run the New York City Marathon as a part of TEAM FOX this year.  Once he crosses the finish line, at the age of 29, David will be the youngest person in the world to run a marathon as a patient with Parkinson's Disease.

"I've dreamed about this opportunity since I was diagnosed.  To be able to claim you were the "First" to do anything in this world is quite an accomplishment.  But, I am not doing this for me.....I am doing it to show the world that our tiny Parkinson's community can still accomplish anything we set our minds to.  I know it sounds very cliche, but sometimes the finish line needs to be moved."

David will be featured on Channel 7 WDBJ Morning News tomorrow at 8 am.

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